I’m proud to say that, thanks to a mutual love of the many names of David Ryder during the episode ‘Space Mutiny’, my kid has become an aficionado of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  This is a point of pride with me, even after the point where she wondered how they made such realistic robots back in the 1990s (and to be honest, the personalities of Servo and Crow are such that it’s understandable she might make that mistake.)  Last night, during ‘The Final Sacrifice’, known also as the finest hour of Zap Rowsdower, we started brainstorming about what sort of robots we’d want to keep us company if we were trapped in outer space, and thus was today’s query born…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would pick ‘V.I.N.Cent  from ‘The Black Hole’ and The Robot from ‘Lost In Space’, and I’d never have to worry about losing my keys ever again, asking: What two robots (from anywhere in history, fiction or otherwise) would you choose to accompany you if you were trapped on the Satellite Of Love?


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  1. Hannah Jones on

    Well, Data naturally. He came to mind immediately. Then Wheatley perhaps, to make up for Data’s personality deficiency. I think that they’d be reasonably good partners to watch terrible movies with anyway.

  2. Considering a I have a replica of Tom Servo a friend built for me, I think I have to say him and Crow. Heck, I’d take them as friends to hang out with even if I wasn’t on the SOL. We could eat turtle meat and drink canned Wassail while making prank calls on an Interociter!

    Does that satisfy you for a non-Sentai answer? Because there is a decent number of choices there.

  3. Mr_NES_Dude on

    Marvin the Paranoid Android, and the living quarters from Critical Hit. That sounds like it would be a good spin-off of MSTK3K

  4. Daneel from Asmov’s books and then Marvin from Hitchhiker’s. I would then just watch them discuss any topic at length and eat popcorn. It would be my own personal live mini-theatre. For fun I would ask Marvin to pivot around one leg clockwise for prolonged periods of time just to see how he would react.

  5. Jason Leclair on

    Well I think Kriton from Red Dwarf would be fun to hang with and he is also useful. And well trying to get him to say “Smeg head” would just be fun.

    The second robot would be astro boy. He fun to hang with. As well as he could take out any bad guys who would want to hurt you.

  6. Taking Tom & Crow out of the equation, I’d have Aaron Stack for that Jack-of-all-Trades robot who is probably less likely to murder me than Bender and Platinum from the Metal Men who like wise has a lot of knowledge and skills.

  7. Oldcomicfan on

    Since the Orgazmatron from “Sleeper” doesn’t qualify as a robot, I guess I’d have to pick one of the Erotica Anns from “Starstruck” – (you had to have guessed that somebody would go there eventually, asking a question of this sort). The sad thing is that so few comic readers got into “Starstruck” because it didn’t have costumed freaks with superpowers busting up the scenery – and you actually had to THINK while reading the story – that I am willing to bet that few Spoilerites will understand the reference.

  8. LemmyCaution on

    Josh’s Tom Servo (tho I do like both) and Gregory “Yoyo” Yoyonivich because I like to be, you know, “that guy” (even though Matthew says I shouldn’t).

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