Robert Rodriguez posts MPAA-banned Eva Green poster for all to see


Even though the MPAA decided to ban the new Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Eva Green poster, Robert Rodriguez decided to go to Twitter so that all the fans could see it!

Here is the banned Eva Green as Ava Lord poster that the MPAA decided couldn’t be shown in theaters. I assume that because I honestly had no idea that had a say on posters.



As far as posters go, that honestly is the most revealing poster I have ever seen; however, it isn’t surprising after having seen the rest of the promotional material that has been used for A Dame to Kill For. And thankfully there is a wonderful tool called that Internet that the MPAA can’t stop Robert Rodriguez from using to show this wonderful image off.

What do you think about the MPAA’s ban on this poster? Does it really matter since we see more posters online than we ever do in the theater? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

via Robert Rodriguez