Lords of Waterdeep app gets two expansion updates


I love playing Lords of Waterdeep on my iPad – it gives you nearly the same experience as playing the board game with friends, without all the hassle of little tiny pieces.  Playdeck, the company that created the app has announced two new expansion sets for the game that are available now.

First up is Skullport!

Skullport — also known as the Port of Shadows – is nestled in the heart of Undermountain. A haven for nefarious crimes, underhanded deals and back-alley murders, Skullport is a hive of evil beneath the City of Splendors.

This expansion brings with it Corruption, a new resource module that has both benefits and disadvantages to it for players. This expansion also includes the Rapid Expansion Promo Card which allows you to obtain more buildings to add to your collection.

Three new Lord cards are included: Irusyl Eraneth, Sangalor, and the Xanathar also known as “the Eye”. New quests and new intrigue cards also come with this expansion, as well as an expanded gameboard with three new buildings and a handful of new buildings for purchase to keep the gameplay challenging.

The Skullport expansion is $2.99.

The other expansion has been out since March, and for those of you who didn’t get the news (like me) you can pick up the Undermountain expansion for a mere $0.99..

The new expansion gives players the chance to explore Undermountain, a vast and multileveled dungeon beneath Mount Waterdeep that once served the crazed wizard Halaster as a site for magical experiments. In this labyrinthine with few refuges for weary adventurers, players can enter new quests to discover rumored wealth but must brave the mysteries and monsters beneath the City of Splendors.

With three new Lord cards including the Wizard Halaster Black Cloak, clever dandy Danilo Thann, and Halaster’s apprentice Trobirand, players can test their skills on four new quests and new intrigue cards. An expanded gameboard with three new buildings and an extra agent, as well as a handful of new buildings for purchase, keep the gameplay challenging.

I went ahead and picked up both of these today, and as soon as I get a bit of free time, I expect to play the heck out of these two.  If you are looking for someone to play with, you can find me as MajorSpoilers on the Game Center.

via Playdeck and Gamasutra