Skyline gets a sequel (It is not April Fool’s Day)


Remember way back in the long time ago when the movie Skyline hit theaters?  It was a beautiful looking movie with a not-so-good storyline, and an ending that left everyone scratching their collective heads.  Good news for those who really liked the movie – there is a sequel on the way!

If you don’t remember what happened at the end of the first movie, the hero’s brain was absorbed into the alien workings, but because his brain was red, and everyone else had a blue brain, the hero became a superhero trapped in the body of an alien invader.  With me so far?  He then broke out of the alien ship with his pregnant wife and then… credits. Beyond Skyline promises to pick up right where the first movie left off.


The poster looks hella cool, and pays homage to the first movie with the falling lights and all, and I expect that at least one of the characters is the hero from the first movie.  No idea why everything has shifted from blue to gold, which means it will probably be explained in the movie.  Now for the bad news – the first movie was a brilliant piece of eye-candy by the Strause Brothers, but the duo are not returning. Instead, Liam O’Donnell, the writer and producer of the first Skyline film, will be the director for Beyond Skyline.

Is this good news or bad news?  Like previously mentioned, Skyline was a brilliant piece of eye-candy, that gave us a survivor view of an alien invasion (a group of people trapped in an apartment building), but if Beyond Skyline can’t build on the story and provide some answers, and bring the stunning visuals, this may fall flat.

via Empire Online, Skyline Facebook, Den of Geek