Rocket Racoon cap and Star-Lord mask show up as exclusive items in PREVIEWS


The May issue of Previews, the comic book comic and pop culture merchandise order catalogue, has a couple of Guardians of the Galaxy exclusive bits of merchandise, that you’ll want to order now in order to be one of the cool kids when the movie arrives in August.

Show off your Guardian swag with the Rocket Raccoon Snap Back New Era Cap (Item Code: MAY142356, SPR: $26.99). With neon orange writing and a sketched picture on the front of Rocket Raccoon with guns blazing, the cap has a unique style and pop that grabs attention, just as Rocket does. The cap is exclusive to comic book specialty shops, making it a unique find for fans that want to collect the latest Guardians of the Galaxy gear and apparel.


Disguise yourself as the outgoing and boastful guardian Star-Lord with the Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Mask (Item Code: MAY142360, SRP: 9.99, Page 515). The mask’s design is based off the movie version of Star-Lord, and makes for a great new Halloween costume. The Star-Lord mask was designed especially for Diamond and will be sold exclusively in comic book specialty shops along with other Guardians of the Galaxy mechandise.


Both of these items are only going to be made available to comic book shops who order from Diamond Comic Distributors, and are going to be limited to the initial orders.  Both the hat and mask will arrive in June.

via Diamond Comic Distributors