SNEAK PEEK: Doc Savage Annual 2014


Take the jump for your first look at the Doc Savage Annual that arrives in stores this week from Dynamite Entertainment.

Shannon Eric Denton (w)
Roberto Castro (a/c)
FC • 48 pages • $5.99 • Teen+
Doc Savage and the Ghosts of War: After the recent loss of a squadmate from the War To End All Wars, Doc will travel to South America to connect with an old love and reassess his place in the world. His sabbatical is anything but relaxing as Doc confronts a mysterious ghost-army, a secret league of scientists and all the dangers of an ancient death-temple but these encounters are nothing compared to what Doc will discover about himself…a truth that will change Doc Savage forever.

DocSavageAnn2014-1 DocSavageAnn2014-2 DocSavageAnn2014-3 DocSavageAnn2014-4 DocSavageAnn2014-5 DocSavageAnn2014-Cov-Castro

via Dynamite Entertainment