SNEAK PEEK: Bravest Warriors #20


Here’s an early preview of Bravest Warriors #20 from BOOM! Studios.

Bravest Warriors #20
Author: Jason Johnson and Breehn Burns
Artist: Mike Holmes

It’s the final issue of guest writer Breehn Burns’ story. Looks like the Bravest Warriors have finally met their match and this might be a problem that not even an Emotion Lord can solve! Will the Warriors make it out or will this be the end of our favorite group of teenage heroes?

BravestWarriors20_coverA BravestWarriors20_coverB BravestWarriors20_coverC BravestWarriors20_coverD BravestWarriors20_PRESS-5 BravestWarriors20_PRESS-6 BravestWarriors20_PRESS-7 BravestWarriors20_PRESS-8 BravestWarriors20_PRESS-9 BravestWarriors20_PRESS-10

via BOOM! Studios