DC All Access: Lego Batman, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and SDCC


DC Comics has released a new episode of DC All Access featuring Tiffany Smith… and a bunch of other stuffs and such…

DC All Access—and LEGO Batman—have returned! Yes, in today’s all new episode, Blair and Tiffany debut the trailer for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, the newest chapter in the mega-popular videogame series. After that, we talk Superman Hall of Heroes with NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, Jr. who gives us a look at his special Superman #88 car. Plus, Gail Simone discusses Batgirl, DC Collectibles reveals their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive and we give you a chance to win an Under Armour Superman shirt signed by Dale!

Even though this show is full of self promotion and interviews that throw softballs, this is a well produced show, and it would be in DC’s best interest to continue to make this weekly series, regardless of price.