Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Christopher Stevens


There are some very definitive looks for Vampirella, but I really like this one by Christopher Stevens.

Vampirella by Christopher Stevens

This is my first Vampirella. Considering how many half nekid women I’ve been asked to draw over the years, that’s kind of a miracle. I wasnt sure going in, but I ended up enjoying it. She’s nice and simple and I was able to include a critter and some skulls. Good stuff. I was going for a Frazetta style Vampi, but it didnt quite work and I ended up with something else. It happens.

Prismacolor cool and warm greys with white watercolor paint on vellum bristol board.

I think I like this one because Vampirella looks a bit more innocent (even in that getup), than we’ve seen before.  Great job, Christopher!

via Deviant Art