Edgar Wright has left Marvel’s Ant-Man


In an absolutely shocking announcement, Edgar Wright has left the production of Ant-Man; a film he worked and fought for so long to make happen. Details after the jump.

Since 2006 Edgar Wright has been attached as a lead creative person with developing an Ant-Man film. He went as far as filming test footage to demonstrate how he would brink the comic character to the screen to show the executives over at Marvel that is was possible. So, once the film was officially announced with a release date and the actor Paul Rudd (who many could see easily fitting in to Wright’s style of humor) many  became excited to see what could possibly happen, but now we are left scratching our heads wondering, “What could possibly have happened?”

Marvel tried to clear the situation up slightly in a statement about Wright’s leaving of the film saying the studio and the director parted ways, “due to differences in their vision of the film.” Which, honestly shouldn’t be too surprising that the two have different ideas because much has happened with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe since Wright first starting dreaming up what an Ant-Man film could be.

Don’t be worried that the release date for Ant-Man will be pushed back due to Wright’s departure though because the studio has confirmed the release date of July 17, 2015 is staying the same. Marvel is close to finding a replacement for Wright stating, “a new director will be announced shortly.”

After successfully releasing a handful of loved films (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World’s End, Scott Pilgrim vs The World) audiences become excited seeing the name Edgar Wright attached to a new project, but now the dedicated fans of Wright will have to be sad knowing they will never see the vision the director has played out on screen.

What is your reaction to Wright leaving? Do you have your own ideal replacement in mind? Tell us all in the comments.

via Variety?