For months we have been left in the dark about what to properly title the next Zack Synder DC film, but, like a caped savior from above, Warner Bros. has officially titled the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.


The film had been casually referred to as “Batman vs Superman” almost since the announcement of the inclusion of Batman in the next film and now we can keep that up as that is, essentially, just what it is. Including “Dawn of Justice” is a nice touch as a Justice League film has already been announced with Synder set to direct also.

It comes as no surprise that Warner Bros would officially announce the title as principal photography is beginning today in Detroit. Production will take place mainly in Detroit and then venture out into Illinois, Africa and the South Pacific.

Even though it is exciting that we know the title and that actors are starting to done their masks and capes, it all becomes a little somber when it is remember that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice won’t be releasing until May 6, 2016.

What do you think of the title? Pique your interest a bit more? Do you think they really needed to include “Dawn of Justice?” Ready for the Justice League film? Sound off in the comments below!

via Variety


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    I will reserve my judgement for later, but it seems they are going quite heavily towards TDKR with this. Fans of Batman will get probably their “cool” and “badass” batgod, not so sure about Superman, given the implied source material.

    Will be better for more casual fans and people not so invested in comics, I presume, for I’m so sick and tired of “I want you to remember, Clark…in all the years to come…in your most private moments…I want you to remember…my hand…at your throat…I want…you to remember…the one man who beat you.” Thats been going on for 30 friggin’ years now.

  2. I like the name, but I feel like it would be a stronger title if it was just Dawn of Justice, rather than making the best part of the name a subtitle.

    • Doctor Dinosaur on

      I think the words Batman and Superman may be a bigger hook than “Dawn Of Justice” for the common citizenry perusing/skimming/listening or watching wherever they might hear about the movie.

  3. Ugh. I’m not normally a pessimist, but every step of this production has seemed like a bad idea. THey had me back with the bat costume for a little bit, but that is an awful title. Given their very… Specific… Casting decisions, it is going to take a masterful writer and director to combine all the different variables they’ve thrown in this movie. A title like this does not inspire that confidence. They couldn’t get a plain vanilla Superman movie right; this will not be better.

    • Well given the wonderful comments of the first writer about how She-Hulk is a porn-star ” I think She-Hulk is the chick that you could f*** if you were Hulk, you know what I’m saying?.”

      And his comments after asking if anyone had ever heard of this stupid character Martian Manhunter and getting quite a few people responding the saying “Well how many of you have ever gotten laid anyway”

      His comment on his idea for Manhunters origan is great too “So maybe like… we get the DNA code from that planet and then grow him in a petri dish here… He’s like in Area 51 or something and we’re just basically… doing biopsies on him. Then he gets out and he’s really angry and he f***s She-Hulk.”

      I am pretty much done with anything that Goyer writes at this point as he obviously cares so little for the fans and the characters that he has been charged with writing.

      • Doctor Dinosaur on

        Look at it this way, Affleck seems to agree with you and pulled his Argo writer in to “fine tune” the script.

  4. I agree it’s a bit weird that Batman’s name is first in a sequel to Man of Steel. Also now they going away from calling him Man of steel to call him Superman. How about: “Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice.” I know that Batman in the title is to lure people into the cinema, but come on. DC can’t put Batman in all their movies to get people to watch them. But hey…it probably works… “Because I’m Batman..” :P

  5. There is no title that would be better than “The World’s Finest” . The average movie goer is going to read that title and think “Wouldn’t Superman just punch him into orbit?” or “Why are they fighting? Isn’t Batman a good guy?”

    I’ve been a Superman fan my whole life. I even understood what they were going for in Man of Steel. But this movie just screams to me that this is Snyder’s crush on Batman being forced into a Superman movie. They already came out Dark Knight Returns just last year.

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