Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Characters In Need Of A Boost Edition


Yesterday’s review of Captain Marvel #3 started me thinking: For some time now, Marvel has been trying to get Carol Danvers over as one of their top guys (recall that she almost took over the Captain Marvel name back in the days of ‘House Of M’, only to get sniped by Noh-Varr, the once-and-future-Marvel Boy) but they’ve finally gotten all the switches flipped for me.  It’s tough for me to think about the assumption that Captain Marvel is now a “top-tier” character, because I hate it when people snottily dismiss the likes of Aquaman or Gambit as ‘third-stringers.’  There’s a contempt for the stories and the media in which they exist that I find very much unpalatable, especially when paired with the attitude that “only popular characters really matter.”  Still and all, I have to admit that Marvel creative has put a lot of work into making Captain Marvel into a compelling, bankable character who truly belongs in the forefront of their stories and merchandising, which leads into today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “bye-nair-ee”) still wishes She-Hulk and Plastic Man weren’t considered secondary “comedy” characters, as both have massive untapped potential, asking: What character is closest to being the next big thing in your eyes?