SNEAK PEEK: Clive Barker’s Next Testament Volume 1


Here’s a sneak peek of Clive Barker’s Next Testament trade paperback.

Clive Barker’s Next Testament Vol. 1 TP
Writer(s): Clive Barker, Mark Miller
Artist(s): Haemi Jang

Named the best mini-series of 2013 by Bloody Disgusting, this trade paperback collects the first arc of Clive Barker’s original comic book creation, with collaborators Mark Miller (HELLRAISER) and Haemi Jang (HELLRAISER: THE ROAD BELOW).

Julian Demond, captain of industry, leaves his life behind to begin a walkabout. While wandering the desert, he comes across a unique figure, who calls himself Wick…and claims to be God. Together, they begin a terrifying journey across the Earth, as neither man merely wants to merely make a mark on the world. Instead, they intend to leave a scar.

NextTestament_V1_TPB_cover NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-9 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-13 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-14 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-15 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-16 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-17 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-18 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-19 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-20 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-21 NextTestament_V1_TPB_PRESS-22

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