SNEAK PEEK: Beyond: Edward Snowden


BeyondSnowdencover Snowden-Beyond_lettersproof2-41414_Gary-1 Snowden-Beyond_lettersproof2-41414_Gary-2 Snowden-Beyond_lettersproof2-41414_Gary-3 Snowden-Beyond_lettersproof2-41414_Gary-4 Snowden-Beyond_lettersproof2-41414_Gary-5 Snowden-Beyond_lettersproof2-41414_Gary-6Bluewater Productions released a sneak peek of a brand new series called Beyond, and Edward Snowden is the first subject.

Beyond: Edward Snowden
Retail: $3.99
Page count 22 pages
Writer: Valerie D’Orazio
Artist: Dan Lauer
Edward Snowden has been called a whistleblower, a hero, a traitor, a criminal…but who is he really? In “Beyond: Edward Snowden” we take a look at the man behind the headlines, searching for what might have motivated him to commit one of the biggest leaks of classified information in U.S. history.


via Bluewater Productions