Godzilla sequel already in development


The Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. summer tentpole Godzilla has out performed all expectations at the box office over the weekend so it should not surprise you that the companies have announced the sequel is in development.

Garth Edwards, director of Godzilla, had been asked about his ideas for a sequel before this official announcement had been made. Edwards said that he had ideas but would only say he would use restraint and a slow build to the final act, just like in Godzilla. This should come as no surprise if you have seen his first film Monsters, which that and Godzilla both show how he was influenced by Spielburg.

Godzilla took in just over $93 million domestically over the weekend, which put its above Amazing Spider-Man 2 and just $2 million under the Marvel power of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Whenever a film, especially one “rebooting” a franchise, can keep up with a Marvel film that has years of build-up behind it, that is going to send production heads straight into the McDuck fantasy of diving straight into that pile of money.

What are your thoughts about a Godzilla sequel? Rodrigo already gave his pitch for what he would like to see in a sequel on our Godzilla reactions podcast and I think it is fantastic and not too out of the question, so make sure to check that out.

via Deadline