Watch the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar


Christopher Nolan has kept everything besides casting fairly quite regarding Interstellar, but now that the full trailer is out we can know just why we have to leave Earth.

My mouth was open the entire time, as it is the only true way to react to a trailer as wonderful as that. I honesty jumped a bit when the space ship hits, I’m guessing, light speed and disappears. And just think, we barely saw all of the cast for this film, which makes me believe that we will be spending much more time in space than the trailer does.

I’m totally on board with this. Nolan is one of the last decades best filmmakers and, in my opinion, when he does original work he is better than almost anyone right now. The space visuals look absolutely stunning which makes extremely excited to see if J.J. can create equal pleasing images for Star Wars: Episode VII.

I have also decided with this trailer that Christopher Nolan’s signature shot might just be a camera attached to the side of a vehicle with action happening in the background as the camera stays steady with the vehicle. Off the top of my head I know they occur in Man of Steel and Inception

What do you think? Are you ready for Matthew McConaughey in space? Give you thoughts about the trailer below!

via Warner Bros.