Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: +5 Charisma Edition


It’s tough being a wrestling fan and a nerd.  The two camps are often antagonistic and expect massively different things of their in-ring heroes.  Recently, a 60-ish Hulk Hogan returned to action in the WWE (thankfully, not as an active wrassler) and as much as I wanted to dislike his attention vortex ways, there was a comforting sense of nostalgia in having the bald eagle back in his old stomping grounds.  Even hearing stories of what a self-serving jerk he has been in the past, recognizing that he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) really wrestle even back in the day, part of me cheered the Hulkster nonetheless. More shockingly, I recently had a similar problem with clips of that Kardashian show on ‘The Soup’.  Amid all the preening and melodrama, Khloe K. seemed like she might have the slightest concept of responsibility and dignity, and perhaps even realizes that the celebutard gravy-train won’t go on forever.  Comparatively to some of her siblings, it almost makes one root for her, which leads to today’s rather pressing query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) can’t ever bring myself to dislike Katy Perry, even though most of what she says and does should make me dislike her, asking: What character/celebrity is just too charismatic for you to really hate?