With J.J. Abrams leaving Star Trek for Star Wars, the franchise was left without a director to continue their franchise. But, that has changed as Roberto Orci will be filling the slot.

Orci had been the rumored director to be stepping into J.J’s shoes, but Variety has reported that Paramount will be striking a deal with the writer/director to take over the franchise with the next film. Orci is also currently writing the story for the film with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay.

No information has been leaked about what the next film will be about, even if some did everyone involved would deny it up until the credits role on the film. It is believed that Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto will be returning to their roles for the third installment, though.

Orci will not be working with longtime partner Alex Kurtzman as both have decided to go their separate ways as both look to direct more films.

How are you feeling about Roberto Orci taking over Star Trek? He did write Into Darkness so he is no stranger to the franchise, but many were not thrilled with his work on the latest Spider-Man movie. Put all the thoughts swimming in your head down in the comments below.

via Variety


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  1. Orci doesn’t have a lot of experience directing (none, even?), so I’ll be interested in seeing how that plays out. I always admired him (and Kurtzman) for being genuine fans of the franchises they work with. More than anything, I hope that love of the franchise is what shines through. I wonder if adapting Abram’s style to his own will be hard for Orci or if continuing along in Abram’s style will make some things easier for a director who doesn’t have a ton of experience.

  2. He’s got the writing chops, so let’s see what he can do following in JJ’s footsteps. He’s been around Abrams enough to hopefully have picked up enough to do a decent job.

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