Catch A First Look Of Flash In Arrow Season Finale Teaser


With The CW’s hit show Arrow  wrapping up its second season this week, it gave the perfect opportunity to give audiences a first look at their upcoming show The Flash.

Don’t blink, otherwise you might his him at the end.

From what we do see, I have to say that super speed effect seems to work, at least for the two seconds we have now seen it. What I did like was The Flash logo at the very end.

I do believe that I will be setting my DVR to record the season finale of Arrow so I can catch an extended look at the show, but, if I had to guess, the quick bit in which they show Flash on the show will end up online the next day. And, once that happens we will have it up on Major Spoilers so we can all discuss what we think.

Do you have any thoughts about the quick bit of The Flash? If you do, let me know what they are in the comments below!

via The CW