We have seen an image or two but now we can see the characters in action as NBC has released the first trailer for Constantine.


Well, what are you thinking? Is this the direction you were expecting Constantine to take? Is it what you want? Will you be tuning in on Friday nights? Give your thoughts on the latest DC television show in the comments below.

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  1. I’d know but it’s region locked to the US so I being a brit can’t tell you if they have butchered him or not

  2. I think this looks all right, I am really sad that he isn’t smoking like a chimney, and that’s probably network interference, as well as the culture we live in, but that’s another day’s discussion. I think the guy has the look and general attitude right.

  3. I never read the series, only know the character from other guest appearances and cross over events. So as an ‘outsider’, I think the trailer did exactly what NBC wanted, peak my interest just enough to say, “That looks kind of promising”

  4. The trailer itself was inconstant in tone and story, but the individual scenes showed a lot more promise.

  5. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Looks like fun, but there’s still a voice in my head whispering: “Imagine what this would have been like on FX, HBO, AMC, Cinemax or even Showtime”. Answer: Probably a whole lot more than just “fun”.

    But obviously I need some fun in my life if I keep reacting this negatively to every single network offering, it’s a win/win anyway I watch and enjoy it or ignore it’s existence if it’s awful. It’s just this whole..”imagining what could have been..” problem I suffer from.. I’m obviously spoiled. There was a time with no comicbook films or TV, now there’s an announcement every month…

    I do sort of wish all these shows weren’t all on ABC, NBC or Fox though..At the very least Constantine has to be a bit more punk than Jay Leno’s garage, ya know? But people like Blacklist and Hannibal so what the fuck do I know right?

    Actually I like Hannibal as well but not in the way I think I’m intended to.. I kinda watch it the same way I would watch Arrested Development. It’s hilarious.

    • Doctor Dinosaur on

      Speaking of Hannibal, nice cameo there at the beginning. Frederick Chilton even more omnipresent than Amadeus Arkham it seems these days.

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