First official posters from Gotham, Flash, and iZombie


Now that the dust has settled after all the television networks announced which shows would be picked up or tossed away, it’s time for those lucky shows to start their big marketing pushes. Right on time are posters for Gotham, Flash, and iZombie.

First up is FOX’s attempt to delve into the Bat-mythos with the Jim Gordon focused Gotham. The first trailer released last week to a mixed response from fans, but maybe this poster will generate more positive buzz. Pay close attention to where the beam of light in the background is pointed. Looks like the Joker might just make an appearance this Fall.


Next up are the two new DC properties picked up by The CW: The Flash and iZombie. We haven’t seen any trailer for either of these shows yet, but, obviously, the executives in control see potential from the early work.


There will certainly be no shortage of superheroes and comic book properties on television the coming cycle, but what show are you most excited about? The FlashGothamAgent Carter, perhaps? Let everyone on the Internet know in the comments below.

via ScreenCrush, ScreenRant