As a long-time fan of the much-maligned sitcom ‘Scrubs’, I was always impressed with the strength of the central relationship between Doctors John Dorian and Chris Turk, to the point where the obligatory musical episode actually gave them their own theme song.  With such a focus in fiction on relationships, finding love and winning the hand of your chosen one, it’s nice to see the bond between friends being treated as equal to a romantic pairing.  Cyborg and Changeling’s unlikely pairing in Teen Titans is a lovely superhero example, and the sisterly bond between Gokai Yellow and Gokai Pink was not only powerful but adorable (especially when they would occasionally fall asleep leaning on one another.)  My daughter, the Widget, casts her vote for the Bone cousins, Phoney, Smiley and Fone Bone, a strong choice which leads us to our query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) might be convinced to put his money on Captain Jonas Grumby and his ‘little buddy’, Gilligan, asking: Which pair of best friends are the very BEST best friends?


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  1. Turk & JD were pretty epically bromantic. With Ted Kord & Michael Jon Carter being a close second.

  2. Han and Chewie. They are more than just partners, and it is more than just Chewie owing Han a life debt. Even though the EU doesn’t count anymore, it was explored pretty well through the series of novels and comics, and was shown when Chewie died that Han was so devastated by the loss of his closest friend that he blamed his kid (that Chewie sacrificed himself to save) and ran away from his friends and family in a confusion of anger and loss. It was pretty heartbreaking to see just how far he went to pieces over the loss of Chewie.

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