In what might be the strangest movie news you here all day, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will be executive producers for a new animated Flinstones movie currently in development at Warner Bros.

Hollywood is no stranger to try and bring back the past with generally a few reboots or remakes of past works every year, but this is one I never could have predicting happening, especially with the names that are currently attached to it.

Chris Henchy, who is partners with Ferrell and McKay, will be writing the script for the new Flintstones endeavor. Henchy previously wrote the script for the Ferrell-Zack Galifianakis comedy The Campaign.

Flintstones is certainly no stranger to the realm of reboots as Set McFarlane was once attached to a project to bring the town of Bedrock back to television but ultimately never had a pilot created. And how could we forget the 1994 live-action Flintstone films starring John Goodman, Rosie O’Donnell, and 34 writers?

Now that I have taken some time to actually think about Will Ferrell and company attached to Flintstones  it does make sense in a way. With characters like Fred and Barney Rubble, Flintstones is essentially a buddy movie set in the Stone Age, and if I could choose anyone to make a buddy-movie it would be Will Ferrell.

But what so you? How do you feel about Flintstones being brought back? Give your thoughts down in the comments.

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  1. If they stay true to the the characters, I’ll be quite pleased to see new Flintstones stories. But I’ll keep from making any decisions until I see more about what it will be like.

  2. I’m with Alisha, and please don’t do celebrity voices get voice actors who can really do the roles justice. Kevin Michael RIchardson for example does a pitch perfect Barney Rubble pre-Mel Blanc being in a car accident (or was it a stroke, don’t mean to sound callous?)

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