Forget Michael Bay’s CGI filled Turtles film, the TMNT: Banished teaser by LA filmmaker and lifelong Turtles fan Benjamin Eck shows us what a darker, more serious Turtles film could be like.

Closer in tone to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, this teaser trailer gives a sneak peak into what could hopefully become a full fan film. The filmmaker says this about his darker vision of the heroes in a half shelf.

My childhood was the Ninja Turtles and I’ve remained steadfast in my fandom. However, at 28 years old my adult years have found me wanting a more serious take on the Turtles. Something that rings true to the first issue comic. So, I’ve decided to explore that in short film form.

My vision is not intended to spite Michael Bay or Paramount’s depiction of the Turtles. It’s not about practical versus digital, it’s not about redesigning them from the ground up, it’s simply about achieving a darker vision of the Turtles. A vision that I feel no studio would ever want to touch. One where their highly dangerous weapons are showcased doing the damage they’re so capable of. The Turtles were trained assassins and that’s how I intend to portray them.

In a nutshell, the film will follow Raph after his uncontrollable violence labels him a threat to his family. Master Splinter has no choice but to banish his own son. So, accompanied by Casey Jones he takes refuge in Los Angeles. It’s when his itch for violence sends him out to the streets that he uncovers a high level of organized crime. Getting to the root of it will surely win his place back in his family, but he will quickly discover that he’s not New York City’s only secret hiding on the West Coast.

If the teaser receives enough interest, Eck plans to move the project to Kickstarter.

So if TMNT: Banished is the style of Turtles that you want to see, then share and comment on the video. It’s the only way to show the world that fans of the original material take stories like this seriously. Plus it finally shows how cool and crude Raphael actually is. Cowabunga!


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