Many are still riding high off the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but there are more films to be made for Sony’s big comic book property and it seems director Marc Webb wants the next one to include Kraven the Hunter.

In a recent interview gave this remark when discussing which unseen character he would like to us for the third part of his Spider-Man trilogy:

Kraven. I like the idea of Kraven. The Vulture. Ock. I always thought the idea of Mysterio was interesting. Maybe Scorpion. But really, Kraven I think is kind of interesting.

Now, for those who don’t know, at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 a very well put together teaser gave us an idea of what characters would be involved in the coming Sinister Six movie and there has been speculation about Kraven being teased along with the likes of Doc Ock, The Vulture and Rhino.

I do wonder though what intent Webb had by giving that statement. Did he want to tip his hat a bit more and let fans know that Kraven is coming. Was he saying he wanted to see Kraven, but Sony said “no” to the idea? I mean he is the director of the franchise, you would think that if he wanted to put a character in his film he could do that in some fashion. And, of course, I have to fall back on the idea that I’m looking in to these statements much too far.

Would you like to see Kraven up on the big screen? Are there any other characters you want to see in the next film that haven’t been used yet? Let us all known down in the comments.

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