“At least three” Star Wars spin-off movies are in development


During The Walt Disney Company quarterly stockholders call, CEO Bob Iger let everyone know that “at least three” Star Wars spin-offs are currently in development. Speculation about them after the jump.

Iger didn’t divulge much information about these spin-off films but did say they are scheduled to be released alongside the main sequel trilogy, which, honestly, could mean multiple different things.

Does alongside mean the films will be released within the year gaps between the main Episodes? A release schedule like that should just be a given. But, does alongside mean the spin-offs will look at characters involved in Episodes VII-IX more in-depth, much like the current Marvel method? If that is the case the previous thoughts of a Han Solo movie could be thrown out the window since Harrison Ford will be reprising his role in Episode VII. Because do we really want to see Ford at his current age attempting to do all the action we would expect from a Solo film?

Now, thanks to the wonderful idea of having Bob Fett wear a helmet for the original trilogy there is certainly more room to grow that rumored film into one taking place between the first three films. And, of course, there is Yoda. Now that the Expanded Universe has been folded up to make way for the new-hottness, traveling back in time to do a Yoda origin story would allow Lucas Films to start carving out their new expanded stories in the distant past.

All-in-all, we know that more Star Wars movies are set to release this decade and that is something I’m truly excited about. But what about you?! Do you have any ideas on what these spin-off films could be about? Anything you would like to see? Sound off in the comments below!

via Slash Film