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David Liss joins up with Quebec artist Allen Byrns to create a horrifying new tale of cyborg love and amnestic mayhem with Angelica Tomorrow for 215 Ink. The first issue of the 6-issue series is released today on Comixology, and will be collected in a trade paperback upon series completion.

A comic veteran who previously has worked on projects such as Black Panther and The Mystery Men for Marvel, Liss is also an accomplished fiction author who has stretched his legs in the comic world in the last few years.

“Allen and I have put together a series that, we believe, will appeal to a broad range of comics readers, but because it doesn’t fit into established categories, it can be hard to find a publisher willing to put out a book like this,” said Liss. “Angelica Tomorrow is the sort of cross-genre story that is perfect for an imprint like 215 Ink, which takes risks and tells different kinds of stories.”

— It’s a classic tale of teenage, paraplegic alcoholic meets amnesiac cyborg assassin! Three years ago, George Williams’ life changed forever when a car accident left him paralyzed below the waist. Now, everything will change again after a nighttime encounter with deadly stranger who possesses incredible powers she cannot recall or understand. Only George knows that beneath the shell of the sweet and naïve girl lies a monster, but which is the real Angelica, and how long can George keep the killer hidden way? Pursued by ruthless spies, and a police officer seeking revenge, George and Angelica will find themselves tested in ways they never imagined.

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