Is one of the 20 characters involved in Days of Future Past your all-time favorite X-Men character? Well, rejoice because FOX has just revealed all new character posters for every person in the film.

Many of these character shots we have seen before in other promotional material, which is slightly disappointing, but it is nice to get a closer look at Bishop, Scarlet Witch, Quick Silver, and the other new faces joining the fun this time around. It’s also sad to see that the future caught of case of the “Matrix Green Fever.” Sadly, no antibiotic has been found to treat the disease as of yet.

What do you think about all these posters? Does it worry that the creative team figured out some scheme to include this many characters? Or, do you say, “Bring it on! The more, the merrier!” Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

via ComicBookMovie


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