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  1. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Commence ranting.

    That sure looks and feels like a network show… They probably should have gone with Coast City and left Gotham for cable. Major Rawls showing up doesn’t exactly take your mind off of the better crime shows either. This is much too glossy to feel gritty or dark, and much too modern and down to earth to feel stylistic in any gothic, noirish, eldritch, pop-art or pulpy way. Without the brand names this wouldn’t feel Batman related at all..

    It looks like another NCIS/CSI/L&O but this time with Batman stickers on it… But understandably so. Fox isn’t doing this for fanboys but to make a return on investment and NCIS has a lot of viewers and Batman is a popular brand. Mix them together.. You might get a new popular bland.

    If the city had another name, the cop wasn’t called Gordon and this was the trailer for a new crime show I’m not sure what aspect of the story, setting or characters so far I would be supposed to be excited about..? Well the suicidal, rich kid who is conquering fear seems like a weird and creative direction… But we know where that is going, and we know this show won’t involve that.

    I know.. I know.. I’m a buzzkill. I didn’t like Smallville, Arrow or Agents Of Shield. I will give this show a shot. But I’m not looking forward to it.

    Seriously who cast Paul from Spin City to be the mayor? Am I supposed not to laugh while witnessing the epic origins of this epic dark saga? Anybody else getting “Watchmen babies: V for Vacation” vibes from Catwoman, Bruce and Ivy?
    No, Kevin Smith, no, Paul Dini, that was never a good idea… Gotham Boarding school…lord, oh lord.

    And finally. I like the actor who plays Gordon but there’s no “Gordon” about him. The writers, costume designers or whomever could at least have given him one thing, a single Gordon-esque thing. Glasses, a moustache, a trenchcoat, a smoking habit. He doesn’t have to have them all. But at least one of the things. You are already working against the shape of the character when you are doing a younger blonde version.

    Guys, I don’t think this one is for me. But hopefully a lot of people without my pop-culture baggage will enjoy it.
    It looks competent?

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