Turn your home theater into the Death Star


If you have a hankering to turn your home theater (or any room in your house) into something that looks like it belongs on the Death Star, Tom Spina Designs has you covered.

These 12″x12″ tiles lock together and create an interesting grid of  “greeble” that transforms a boring flat wall, into one, everyone who comes into the room will want to touch and rub for hours.

Star-Wars-Home-Theater-Death-Star-Tiles-6 Star-Wars-Home-Theater-Death-Star-Tiles-7 Star-Wars-Home-Theater-Death-Star-Tiles-4 Star-Wars-Home-Theater-Death-Star-Tiles-5 Star-Wars-Home-Theater-Death-Star-Tiles-1 Star-Wars-Home-Theater-Death-Star-Tiles-2

I’m too afraid to call their hotline to find out how much these would cost to cover the Nerd Room of Doom, so I’ll just gaze at these tiles from afar.

via Tom Spina Designs