Top 5 Star Wars LEGO Sets


If as much as I talk about LEGO on The Want List Audio Edition hasn’t convinced that I love those tiny bricks, I don’t know what else will. But, with all the set lines LEGO puts out one has always been my favorite. So, today I run down what I think are the five best Star Wars LEGO sets.

5. X-Wing

The vehicle that allowed Luke to take out the Death Star is staple of the LEGO Star Wars line. There have been multiple versions of this design created, from tiny sets to that dare not be attempted by any under the age of 13, if you believe in those weird age rating at all. Normally I believe that the bigger the set the more it offers, but that is not the case with the X-Wing, that is why I chose to skip the large $199.99 set and went with the $59.99 set. Why you may ask? Simple: minifigs. The Red Five X-Wing only comes with an R2-D2 fig, which is a real shame. The regular, run of the mill X-Wing Starfighter set, however, comes with Luke, R2-D2, R5-D8, and, possibly the best reason to buy this set, Jek Porkins. The inclusion of Porkins in this set automatically cemented its place in my Top 5 LEGO Star Wars sets.


4. Anakin/Sebulba Podracers

When I was little, nothing captured my attention in Star Wars like the pod racers did (except Darth Maul’s horns and double light saber). So when I saw that LEGO had released sets based on Anikin and Sebulba’s podcacers I knew I had to have it. I saved up my money and, while I was only able to get Anikin’s racer, bought the set and enjoyed it for many, many hours. Playabilty is a big aspect to what makes a LEGO set great and being able to re-enact the race from Phantom Menace and make-up your own is a reason why this is one of the best Star Wars LEGO sets.


3. R2-D2

R2-D2 is a fan favorite character and it shows with LEGO as the little-droid is included in many of the Star Wars sets. But why should R2 be limited to the tiny form of a minifig? The fantastic designers at LEGO had the same thought and that is why they created a 12” tall version of everyone’s favorite droid.

With moveable parts including a retractable third leg and rotating head, it isn’t hard to imagine the super creative attaching a few Mindstorm motors and making this hard-to-find set 


2. Death Star

The Death Star is a giant vehicle used to bully the galaxy by blowing up planets. The Death Star is not a moon. The LEGO Death Star might be the most playable, while also being the most expensive Star Wars set, there is. Combining scenes from multiple Star Wars films allows builders to take their minifies down into the trash compactor and re-enact the final battle between Luke and Darth Vader in the Emperor’s Throne Room. Along with this giant set comes 24 minifigs, including multiple copies of characters to depict them in different stages of the trilogy.

If I were to ever win the lottery and buy this $399.99 set, I know I would spend many hours playing with the characters and exploring the three different levels to this set. One feature that is sadly missing: thermal exhaust port. How else will I use my X-Wing to blow it all up?


1. Millenium Falcon

I have loved LEGO for as long as I can remember. Every Christmas I would shake presents before opening to know if I had received more sets, which by and large, were always Star Wars sets. One that I had my eye on for years and years but never committed to buying was the Millennium Falcon set. Luckily, Stephen is one of the best people around and bought it for me this last Christmas and I was finally able to build, what I consider, to be the best Star Wars LEGO set of all time.

The Millennium Falcon is one of the most recognizable ships from the Star Wars Universe and once you have the ability to control it on your own happiness is always within grasp. The set comes with a great assortment of minifies and the ship has multiple functioning parts and accessories to re-enact the scenes it is featured in.

Almost every Star Wars LEGO set is worth purchasing, but as far as the Millennium Falcon goes I believe every fan should be able to build this one.


And that wraps it all up here! Now, what do you think? Are there any special Star Wars LEGO sets that are close to your heart that I missed? Let me know your favorite sets in the comments below!

May the Fourth be with you!