Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: The Force Is Like Duct Tape Edition


Even though today is Star Wars Day, I have a terrible confession to make: I never trusted Yoda.  While I found his introduction on Dagobah to be funny, and enjoyed his Puckish behavior in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, his gambit to prove Luke worthy comes across as utterly jerkass behavior (especially for the last living specimen of a group known for honesty and compassion,)  Combine that with the fact that he is almost always wrong when the chips are down, and even his beautifully choreographed moment of combat awesome against Count Dooku can’t entirely redeem his character’s role in the saga.  On the other hand, watching Star Wars as a kid, I found Darth Vader fascinating, with his unstoppable cyborg body and implacable nature making him the standout character, even though he was the villain of the piece.  (Also, he can forcechoke the $#!+ out of you from light years away.)  The heel/face turn given the character at the end of ‘Return Of The Jedi’ didn’t really work, but I completely understand why Lucas (and the fanbase) wanted to see him make good, as he’s the strongest overall character in all of the various Star Wars movies.  I’m not saying that I’d automatically choose evil over good, but I do want a red lightsaber, which leaves me with a bad feeling about today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) figures this one comes down to the ability to shoot lighting out of your face, which would be AWESOME, asking: Do you favor the Dark Side or the Light Side of The Force?