Charge your device on the go with R2-D2 USB Car Charger


R2-D2 is the Swiss Army Knife of the core group of character from Star Wars. Rarely is there a moment when he doesn’t have a solution for the current problem and I’m sure if Luke had an iPhone R2 would have been able to charge it for him.

Even if we did have a full sized, functioning R2 unit, it wouldn’t be practical to have him in following you around all day, especially with all his bleeps and bloops. Thankfully, the people over at ThinkGeek understand this and shrunk R2 down to fit in a standard cup holder in your vehicle.

With a rotating head and light up eye, R2-D2 is ready with two USB ports to charge all your on-the-go devices as you shuttle around in your day. By plugging in R2 into your cigarette lighter, you will be able to charge two different devices at the same time with no problems.

The ability to address the daily needs we have in a geeky fashion is what makes ThinkGeek one of my favorite companies. You can grab this R2-D2 USB charger for $31.99 today from ThinkGeek.

via ThinkGeek