Followers of my Twitter feed (@MightyKingCobra, if you’re bored and have a love of pretty girls and giant robots) may recall that, last week, I had a lot of trouble focusing on watching the official movie for ‘Zach On Film’, being distracted by a rare unedited cable airing of ‘Christine’, one of the most terrifying things to come out of the 1980s.  The idea of a murderous machine is a terrifying staple of science fiction and fantasy, but adding in the mobility of a car and the psychological tendency of humans to attribute personalities to cars makes for a truly terrifying story.  (You even feel bad for poor Moochie, who thought he had it all figured out.)  King’s work has always hit a particularly tender spot for me when it comes to the scary, and most all of his monstrous antagonists strike a chord of terror somewhere in my being, which leads into today’s blood-chilling query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has never had as much fear of a vampire or a zombie as for the child actor who played Gage in ‘Pet Sematary’, asking: What’s the most terrifying monster of all to YOU?


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  1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown. I haven’t particularly been a fan of clowns since first seeing that freaky clown doll in “Poltergeist” (shiver_up_spine), but when King introduced Pennywise in the novel “It,” not only did we get a murderous clown who instilled terror into the hearts of the kids of Derry, but he did it by turning into all the other things that freaked them the hell out. Yeesh.

    • Yours is from Poltergeist as well?? Its the damned ghost hand in the toilet. Stupid hand… has led to a life of checking toilets, outhouses, even squatty potties, everywhere! And although I clearly remember watching that movie at a birthday party when I was 7 years old … still can’t watch it. Stupid hand…

    • Starks Scraps on

      Oh man, that part in the library where Pennywise is a vampire with razorblade teeth? FORGET IT! I read that book at 14 years old (i’m considerably older now) and that part scares me to this day.

  2. Without a doubt…Michael Myers from Halloween. When you factor in the he can and probably does exist, music (thank John Carpenter?), heavy breathing, relentless pursuit of victims. I was 14 when I saw this movie and thought he could come through MY window.

  3. Starks Scraps on

    I think it depends on where I am in my life. When I was younger it was The Ghoulies. I have no idea why but the Ghoulies and The Librarian from Ghostbusters terrified me.
    As I got older it became more realistic terrors such as Jaws (not Jaws 4 Jaws, just Jaws Jaws) and bill collectors.
    Now, it’s things that I can’t understand. Very Lovecraftian. Items that are so horrifying that your brain shuts down while trying to figure out what you are seeing. I guess it’s the control freak in me.

    That or anytype of giant freaking EYEBALL. I can’t even handle giant freaking eyeballs.

  4. Couple different answers:
    1) the stagecoach from Pinocchio, soon as I saw boys turned donkeys, I turned off the VCR, and have no idea how that movie ends.
    2) Lara Wraith, stealing the life force by feeding not on one’s blood, but getting it through manipulation of baser instincts.
    3) The Thing, ew body horror, I’m underneath the covers.

  5. Not to sound like I am pandering to Matthew, but I have to say Maximilian from The Black Hole. That one red eye, those spinning hook-blades, those extra arms so you never know what he is going to throw at you. Not to mention he can fly and he’s a robot. You can stab or punch a robot. This was the first character that I thought I did not want to meet in either a dark or a well lit alley.

  6. Ewoks. I’m not even joking. The first time I saw RotJ, I was very young and had just come out of surgery and was on some heavy medications. For quite some time after, I had nightmares that the Ewoks were trying to cook me much like they tried to do with Luke, Han and Chewie. I thought the Rancor was awesome, but the Ewoks just terrified me.

    And Chucky, but only the “Child’s Play” version. For some reason the version from “Bride of Chucky” and “Seed of Chucky” doesn’t bother me, but the original Chucky still scares the bejeebus out of me.

    I’m also a freaked out by the version of zombies created by a virus or some other biological manner. I’ve seen some seriously freaky and disturbing stuff in the years I’ve spent in hospitals, and there is just something that feels almost plausible about the concept that scares me because of those memories.

  7. Darren Appel on

    The Corinthian from Sandman. Eye injuries freak me the hell out, and like Matthew I have a thing about body alteration horror. Teeth-filled mouths instead of eyes are disturbing beyond anything else I could imagine.

  8. The tiki doll from the short “Amelia”, part 3 of the Trilogy of Terror tv film. Karen Black’s teeth at the end. WTF?

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