SNEAK PEEK: Julie Kagawa: The Iron King #4


Bluewater Productions released a sneak peek of Julie Kagawa: The Iron King #4, that you can check out, after the jump.

Julie Kagawa: The Iron King #4
Writer: Julie Kagawa & Sara Gundell
Artist: Lidia Chan
Meghan and Ash set out on their own to find Meghan’s brother, and face the mysterious Iron King once and for all. But Meghan’s time in the Nevernever is far from over.

IronKing4 Iron-King-4_lettersproof-42314_Gary-1 Iron-King-4_lettersproof-42314_Gary-2 Iron-King-4_lettersproof-42314_Gary-3 Iron-King-4_lettersproof-42314_Gary-4 Iron-King-4_lettersproof-42314_Gary-5

via Bluewater Productions