Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Best Part Of The Weekend Edition


As a child born in 1970, I grew up in a culture that has become more and more media-saturated, and has recently come to define itself by asking “Who remembers the thing that holds your 45 RPM records in place?”  We’ve also grown up in a world where there was always a live, late-night comedy program whose value is in the eye of the beholder (but will still somehow never be as good as it used to be) and for me, it’s not the weekend without ‘Saturday Night Live’.  For one thing, it’s my only window to young Zach’s taste in music, and given my long-standing crush on Tina Fey (and, more recently, Cecily Strong), it’s a traditional part of my weekend, especially now that my primary job affords weekends off.  It’s just not Saturday without Saturday Night, which begs today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also doesn’t mind the part where I don’t have to be up at 6:45 a.m., but that seems like bragging when not everyone gets weekends off, asking: What’s your favorite part of the weekend?