Last week on The Want List Audio Edition I talked about the sixth-scale figure of Spider-Man from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2and now Hot Toys has released images of their upcoming Rhino figure.

Hot Toys is really teasing us with these photos of the coming figure as they haven’t released a price range, pre-order date, or a time we could expect them to ship. However, when it comes to price, collectors should expect to spend upwards of $500 for this figure seeing how large it seems to be. So start saving your allowance so you can add Rhino to your Nerd Room of Doom!



If Hot Toys would like to send this Rhino figure to Major Spoilers, we would love to feature it on an episode of The Want List!


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Thats very well done figure, but I have a problem with these drastic changes in visual style of established characters. I am aware this is more like Ultimate Rhino, but still..
    Its not because I dont like change in design or want everything be exactly like comic books but more of a thing how I always feel like Hollywood is kind of ashamed to do straight up superhero film. Thats what brought us Nolanverse Batman and all over black leather X-Men (dont like either). Only Disney seems to be get that you can make them wear costumes and looks close to original and it doesnt diminish credibility of the film at all.

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