Mark Waid announces Thrillbent 3.0 and iPad App


Yesterday, Mark Waid announced new changes for Thrillbent, the online platform for state-of-the-art comics in digital form.

This past weekend, we stealth-launched the Thrillbent iPad app. It’s a thing of beauty. If you’re so inclined, go check it out (and, yes, Android is in the works). Effective immediately, the Thrillbent website will sync up with it—make sure your name is on the mailing list for immediate notification—as we begin to roll out even more new series. There will still be free content on Thrillbent, there always will be—we’re big believers in the marketing power of “free”—but to that, we’re adding a “Hulu Plus” level of new content, if you will—the next wave of new Thrillbent comics.

The new run of comics include Empire Volume 2, The House in the Wall, Insufferable: home Field Advantage, The Best Thing, and more.

It’s good to know that Mr. Waid understands the concerns of the readers and the cost of running a website, as many content creators out there (including Major Spoilers) continue to look for way to monetize their sites in order to provide great content for fans around the world.

The iPad App is available now.

via Thrillbent