Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Preserving The Mystery Edition


Upon reading ‘Original Sin #0′, this week’s Dueling Review comic, I found myself annoyed that Marvel had decided to give Uatu the Watcher, of all people, a driven-by-the-loss-of-a-parent Batman origin (although, to be fair, bits of the story presented had already been told in ‘Strange Tales’ years ago.)  As the impassive recorder of all that happens in the Marvel Multiverse, I was perfectly happy with Uatu being a distant, mysterious alien creature whose motives and feelings were generally unknown, as long as one doesn’t count the 400 or so times he’s interfered in Earth matters.  Of course, given that recent years have had the Watcher punched out by the Red Hulk, teamed up with Deadpool and openly mocked by the Dreaming Celestial, I suppose that this is technically a step up for Earth’s Watcher.  As much as I hated the era of comics where everyone was a mysterious, feral, brooding man-beast (known colloquially as ‘The Nineties’), I also hate the idea that any and all secrets need to be laid bare, spelunked and over-explained, which leads to today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is resigned to the fact that much of modern comic publishing is about “doing the unthinkable”, as seen in the resurrection of Bucky, Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship and the big Wolverine reveal, asking: Does every single element of a story need to be fully explained, or are you okay with not knowing all the answers in your pop-culture?