Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Best Blast From The Past Edition


I admit it: When it comes to movies, TV and comics, I’m more gourmand than gourmet.  There are a lot of fair-to-middlin’ things that I love with a passion, and for a time around the turn of the century, the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ reboot/remake was on that list.  (I am only a bit chagrined to admit that I was once a subscriber to ‘Maxim’, and even enjoyed it before it disappeared entirely up the hindquarters of the nascent DudeBro Culture.)  Recently, I caught a rerun of the movie on cable, marveling at bullet-time action, massive explosions, gratuitous use of Blur’s ‘Song 2′, Sam Rockwell AND Bill Murray chewing the scenery so hard it splintered, and the obligatory ‘girl-power-with-cheesecake’ shots of Lucy, Cameron and Drew.  Factoring in a Destiny’s Child theme song and the fact that the film was itself an unnecessary remake and we’re Johnny Depp cameo away from being the perfect distillation of 2000, right down to the self-aware reference humor.  I’m not entirely surprised nor terribly sad to find that I don’t have the affection for Angels 2.0 that I once did, but at least provides a springboard for today’s retrograde query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always found it a little difficult to take Drew Barrymore seriously as an action hero due to her adorable Cindy Brady lisp anyway, asking: What bit of pop culture most perfectly exemplifies the era from which it came?