SNEAK PEEK: Shotgun Wedding #4


Check out this early look at Shotgun Wedding #4.

Shotgun Wedding #4 (of 4)
Story By: William Harms
Art By: Edward Pun
Cover By: Edward Pun
Price: $3.99

This is the end – til Death do them part!

Shotgun Wedding #4 leads us to the end of this deadly love triangle from William Harms and Edward Pun. In the climactic moment, will Mike Stone be able to save his love, Denise? Or will his crazed superspy ex exact her complete and total revenge?

ShotgunWedding04-Cover ShotgunWedding04-Page1 ShotgunWedding04-Page2 ShotgunWedding04-Page3 ShotgunWedding04-Page4 ShotgunWedding04-Page5 ShotgunWedding04-Page6

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