SNEAK PEEK: The Midas Flesh #5


BOOM! Studios sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of The Midas Flesh #5 by Ryan North, Braden Lamb, and Shelli Paroline.

The Midas Flesh #5
Writer(s): Ryan North
Artist(s): Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline

The ship is torn by a battle of head vs. heart. Now that they have the all-mighty power of The Midas Touch at their hands, do they have what it takes to use it on the Federation’s home planet? Lives are at stake and friendships are challenged in issue #5 of THE MIDAS FLESH!

Midas_Flesh_005_coverA Midas_Flesh_005_coverB Midas_Flesh_005_PRESS-2 Midas_Flesh_005_PRESS-3 Midas_Flesh_005_PRESS-4 Midas_Flesh_005_PRESS-5 Midas_Flesh_005_PRESS-6 Midas_Flesh_005_PRESS-7

via BOOM! Studios