Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Who Most Deserves Their Own Show Edition


For all the vitriol aimed at the David E. Kelley 2011 Wonder Woman pilot, I have to admit it would be pretty awesome to have seen the Amazing Amazon in her own weekly adventures.  Kelley’s show had a few problems (miscasting of the primary role being one of the largest, second only to a misunderstanding of the central character) that kept it from being a success, but a new Wonder Woman show is something I’d be on board for, as much as I’d like to see the live-action adventures of Moon Knight, the Teen Titans or Nexus.  (Assuming we can get decent casting for Horatio Hellpop…  I’d suggest John Francis Daly from ‘Freaks And Geeks’ and ‘Bones.)  With the upcoming (hopefully good) Netflix shows for Daredevil, Power Man and the rest proving that the producers and audience are both ready to move on comic properties, it seems like there’s no better time for today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that a weekly serio-comic ‘Deadpool’ series combining the murky morality of ‘Breaking Bad’ with the slapstick violence of ‘The Walking Dead’ would be an easy sell as well, asking: What comic-book character would have you most psyched to watch their live-action weekly series?