SNEAK PEEK: All New Soulfire #4


Aspen Comics released a sneak peek of All New Soulfire #4 by JT Krul, V. Ken Marion, and Kyle Ritter.

JT Krul – Story / V. Ken Marion – Art / Kyle Ritter – Colors

This is no game anymore. Someone is trying to kill PJ, but is it an overzealous combatant in the arena competition or another? Or possibly, someone looking to settle a score with the man behind the man – Benoist? Meanwhile, Malikai confronts the strange messiah who has entranced the believers of Gabriel’s Voice, but are his actions justified or just plain jealous?

Join veteran Soulfire scribe JT Krul, along with the amazing artistic talents of V. Ken Marion and Kyle Ritter, as an all-new direction for Michael Turner’s fantasy epic Soulfire continues!

AllNew_SOULFIRE-04c-Marion AllNew_SOULFIRE-04d-Marion AllNew_SOULFIRE-04a-Marion AllNew_SOULFIRE-04b-Marion 05_SFV5-04-CMYKcrop 06_SFV5-04-CMYKcrop 07_SFV5-04-CMYKcrop 04_SFV5-04-CMYKcrop

ALL NEW SOULFIRE #4 is in stores April 23rd, 2014!

via Aspen Comics