Nightwing no more – enter Grayson


So what happens when your secret identity is exposed? If you are Dick Grayson, you stop being Nightwing, and pick up a gun to become a secret agent. At least that is the plan for DC Comics and its new series, Grayson.

The first issue, written by Tim Seeley and Tom King, is set to premiere July 2, and features Grayson becoming a CIA counterterrorism operations officer.

Grayson’s new employer is the international spy agency Spyral, an organization created by writer Grant Morrison for his Batman, Incorporated series. King sees it as representative of today’s intelligence community: They’re the people who stop bad guys from doing bad things, yet to do that, they employ questionable tactics such as mind erosion.

This isn’t the first time Dick picked up a side-arm to fight crime, during his Bludhaven days, Grayson was a uniformed police officer. And while Batman and Robin may have some questionable tactics when interrogating suspects, putting an official badge on the matter will certainly get a lot of people talking.


via USA Today