SNEAK PEEK: Curse of the Mumy trade paperback


Bluewater Productions is set to release Curse of the Mumy, by writer Bill Mumy in stores, and sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek.

Curse of the Mumy: trade Paperback
Writer: Bill Mumy
Artist: Ron Stewart
Hi dittle dee dee, an actor’s life for me… There’s a heavy price to pay when bringing a character to life, some might even call it… a curse. Ask iconic sci fi actor Bill Mumy. The Illuminati… secret Nazi moon base… the Akashic Records… a ghost boy… all this and Row Bot too. “The Curse of the Mumy”… an original new series created and written by Bill Mumy. Read it or be sent to the cornfield.

CurseMumyTradeCoverV1curse_mumy01_14-01 curse_mumy01_19-01 curse_mumy01_20-01 curse_mumy01_21-01 curse_mumy01_22-01

via Bluewater Productions