SNEAK PEEK: All New Fathom #6


Check out Aspen Comics sneak peek of All New Fathom #6.

David Wohl – Story / Alex Konat – Art / Beth Sotelo – Colors

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe continues!

As Aspen and Chance begin to understand the true implications of Vana’s master plan, they realize that the whole world could be in danger, both above and below the seas. But, it may already be too late to reverse the damage! Meanwhile, in Muria, Anya’s desperate search for answers regarding her daughter’s disappearance lead her to a very surprising, and tragic, conclusion!

Writer David Wohl, artist Alex Konat and colorist Beth Sotelo team up once again to bring you the latest adventures of Michael Turner’s most beloved creation!

01_FAV5-06-CMYKcrop 02_FAV5-06-CMYKcrop 03_FAV5-06-CMYKcrop AllNew_FATHOM-06a-Konat AllNew_FATHOM-06b-Smith

ALL NEW FATHOM #6 is in stores April 16th, 2014!