SNEAK PEEK: Executive Assistant: Iris #4


Aspen Comics has released a sneak peek of Executive Assistant: Iris #4, that arrives in stores this week!

Brian Buccellato – Story / Pasquale Qualano – Pencils / John Starr – Colors

It’s an all-new direction for the Executive Assistant that started it all!

With the clocking ticking and a price on her head, Iris must fight her way through bounty hunters and assassins as she tries to rescue Cherry from kidnappers. Badly outnumbered and outgunned, Iris gets an assist from an unlikely source — a former Executive Assistant who was honor-bound not to interfere.

Aspen is proud to welcome writer Brian Buccellato and penciler Pasquale Qualano to the Iris family! Along with colorist John Starr, this incredible creative team is ready to bring you an ALL NEW EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

01_IRV4-04-CMYKcrop 02-03_IRV4-04-CMYKcrop AllNew_EA_IRIS-04a-Qualano AllNew_EA_IRIS-04b-Qualano AllNew_EA_IRIS-04c-Qualano AllNew_EA_IRIS-04d-Qualano

via Aspen Comics