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Independent game development studio Protobird Games, creators of the upcoming Dreamland Chronicles digital trading card game, has announced a new exclusive giveaway to supporters of their active Kickstarter campaign. The campaign, seeking to raise $35,000, can be viewed at

In celebration of PAX East 2014, all Dreamland Chronicles Card Game backers at the $20 level or greater by 11:59 PM on Monday April 14th will receive an exclusive set of animated playable Ally cards, in addition to any other rewards. The exclusive animated cards, available only to Kickstarter backers, are playable Ally card versions of two of the game’s epic Hero characters, Bognok the Dwarf King and Nastajia the Elf Warrior Princess.

SeraphopolisCenturion RallyingCry Paddington NightmareSpy NicodemusHenchman Nicodemus Nastajia Kiwi King-Arthur Joyride InduceNightmares Felicity Enfeeble ElvenArmor Dungeon Keeper Daniel CrystalBall CodeOfFlame Caspar CardBack CamelotKnight CamelotHealer CamelotCharger Bognok AstorianSoldier AstorianSentinel AstorianLookout AstorianInitiate AstorianGuard AssassinInitiate Ashendel Merchant Arvamas Alexander

Adapting the award-winning webcomic series by Scott Christian Sava, the Dreamland Chronicles digital card game is in development for iPad, with an Android release as the Kickstarter campaign’s first stretch goal. All 1700+ pages of the long-running series are available for free online at

Founded in 2013 by game industry veterans Parker Davis (Tomb Raider, Red Dead Redemption) and Scott Hyman (Star Wars: Battlefront, Tony Hawk’s Motion), Protobird Games launched development of the first mobile trading card game for kids after the founders could not find such an app appropriate for their young sons. The app boasts unique features for a mobile trading card game, such as animated characters battling in a Final Fantasy style turn-based showcase arena and “virtual toy” character cards that level up, come to life and react when kids tap and swipe them.

About Protobird Games
Founded in 2013 by game industry veterans Scott Hyman and Parker Davis, Protobird Games is an independent developer of video games for all platforms and consultant for digital marketing game development services. For more information, please visit
Twitter: @protobirdgames


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