QMx announces art prints based on DC Comics Bombshells


This week, we opened the box to unveil our very own DC Comics Bombshells: Batgirl statue.  Yesterday, Quantum Mechanix Inc. announced a new series of art prints based on DC’s statue line.

The DC Comics Bombshells are based off the bestselling line of statues from DC Collectibles featuring designs from Illustrator Ant Lucia. The DC Comics Bombshell line finds each female reimagined as a vintage pin-up, with a look that hearkens back to nose art found on World War II-era bomber planes.

QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-Batgirl-1 QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-BlackCanary-1 QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-Catwoman-1 QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-Harley-1 QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-Hawkgirl-1 QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-Mira-1 QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-PoisonIvy-1 QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-Stargirl-1 QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-Supergirl-1 QMx-DCbombshells-18x24-WonderWoman-1

Each of the art prints are 18″x24″ in size and have a suggested price of $14.95.  QMx expects to release the posters in the second quarter of 2014.

via QMx Online